Up and Running

I just want to thank everyone for being patient. I have my new site up and running now. There is still some tweaking that needs to take place over the next few weeks, but that’s just because I’m picky and I like things to look a certain way. I’m also type A personality if you couldn’t tell, so I like things in lists for more clarity. That being said, here’s the information for you about my new site:

1. You can find my blog at www.toteachwhatisgood.com

2. If you subscribe via email to my current WordPress.com site, then I have tried to transfer your subscriptions over. I’m not sure if I did it successfully or not, so you may want to re-subscribe or subscribe via my RSS feed on the new site.

3. I will eventually have a redirect, so if you accidentally type in my WordPress site, you will automatically be rerouted to my new site, but that is not in place yet, so bear with me as I set that up.

I can’t wait to see you all over at my new domain and I’m so thankful for your patience as I switch everything over. This is such an exciting time. I just started a new Twitter Account and Facebook Fan Page, so be sure to find me there as well. I hope I remember to keep up with them! 🙂

If you have any questions, please let me know.

God Bless and I’ll see you soon!


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