If Bibles could talk…

What would your Bible say about you? I have three Bibles. Well, technically, I have like 10 Bibles, but I have three Bibles that I have used for studying. These Bibles have been really special to me and each one has a different story. I started thinking about the story that goes with each Bible, which made me think, “If my Bible could talk, what would it say about me?” Here’s what I think they would say:

Bible #1:

NIV-Thinline-Navy Blue (Given as a gift from my parents the Christmas after I became a Christian, Dec. 1996)

You have spent many hours studying me. I have loved your passion for learning the word. I can see you’re an artist at heart because you drew lots of doodles and used your highlighter all throughout my pages. You devoured the word as if you were literally hungry! You wrote notes and underlined important words and you even stuck stickers in the front of me. You were so young and so excited. I loved seeing your zeal for the Lord and the excitement you had learning new scripture. You had a hard time understanding a lot of the scripture and you never really went beyond the surface of what my words held for you. You were really good at scratching the surface, but never quite figured out how to dig deeper. It’s OK though, because these years were your formative years. You were learning how to use me correctly, learning how to find different books, different verses and how to share them with others. You also learned how to have quiet times and how to write in a journal. I could tell you were having a great time because the binding actually fell apart on me. These years were crucial for your foundation in the Lord and I am so glad I was chosen to be at the beginning of this journey for you. You lost a little interest in me in college and it made me sad, but I know that in your heart you still believed the truth I was sharing. I could tell you still loved the words I offered because when times were really tough for you in college, you still pulled me out. It was kind of heartbreaking when you put me on a shelf with all of the other books and didn’t keep me by your bedside anymore, but I understood. You were confused and although I served as a great foundation for you, your inability to dig beyond the surface was catching up to you as the worldly experiences of college were influencing you. After college, you picked me up a few times and that felt really good, but I could tell that my time with you was coming to an end and that a new journey was waiting for you.

Bible #2:

NIV-The Quest Bible (Given as a gift from my husband for Easter)

You asked your husband to give me to you as a gift because you had a lot of questions about your faith. When you first opened me, you didn’t even really know where to start. You didn’t highlight me too much, or underline many of my words, but you did read close to every question that was listed in the margins. It’s OK that you didn’t use me too much because I served a very important role in your life. I kept you afloat when you weren’t sure where you stood in your faith. I reminded you that the word of God is true and I helped you wrestle with some really tough questions. You were pretty inconsistent with reading me, but I could tell that you were trying and I could tell that your heart was doing some honest soul-searching.   Your cries out to the Lord were heard and your fast flipping through my pages and slow reading of my words showed how much finding your faith meant to you. I’m glad that I was there for you when you needed the most stability in your journey and though you didn’t really open me as much as I would have liked, I know that I served my purpose.

Bible #3:

NIV-Thinline-Bloom Edition (A gift from myself for this new journey in Christ)

I don’t know you too well yet, in fact, we just met this past week, but I can already tell I like you. You carefully read over my words and choose wisely what you underline. I can tell by the way you stay on the same page for a long period of time that you know how to read me and apply me to your life. I can see your smile when you pick me up and I can tell how much peace you feel when you touch my pages. I believe that I am going to be around for you for a while and I believe that you will be digging a very deep well within my words. If I could see your heart, I would guess you’re in a place of reconciliation and that whatever doubts or questions you may have had in the past have now been resolved. I am happy to partake in this journey with you and look forward to many highlighting, underlining and margin note taking moments with you.

Each of these Bibles have represented a specific time in my life in my walk with Christ. They will be my legacy to pass down to my children and they will always be a reference and a reminder of where I have come from. I love all three of these Bibles for different reasons and am so grateful to have each of them at the times I have had them. I may or may not have more study Bibles in the future, but as the seasons of my life change, I find that the way I read and apply scripture changes too and because of that I am so thankful that God’s word is never unchanging.

Do you have multiple study Bibles? Have you ever thought about how your Bible might reflect a certain time in your life? What do you think your Bible would say about you?



6 thoughts on “If Bibles could talk…

  1. What would mine say?! That’s a good prompt!! Ummmm….

    “I’m worn out, but that’s not a bad thing! That YouVersion steals my time, but I am thankful for every moment with ya!” – that’s my hard copy NIV

    “I’m on all your devices! You can’t live without me, can ya?” – Thats my YouVersion

    My Bibles have a sense of humor, I guess. HAHAH.

    • I never even thought about my YouVersion Bible! Hmm… mine would say, “You always start reading plans on me on your phone when you’re bored, but you never finish them, so I send you alerts to remind you and you just cancel it.” Haha. I don’t use my YouVersion Bible much at all. I like to keep the widget on the main page of my phone, so I can see the verse for the day, but otherwise I don’t use it too much.

  2. I have two..(that I use all the time but really four) My 1st bible is a NIV Hope Bible would say; You have spent many hours pouring over my words, underlining verses that bring you hope in time of need. My second one is a relationship devotional bible: I was a gift from your husband and you study me to up lift your relationship. The devotionals inside me teach you many things about your role as a wife.

    Oh I loved this post!!!!


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It was really eye opening to me as I was reflecting on this. It will be interesting to do this every 5 years or so and see how things have changed!

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